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Artists and Scientists Collaborate to Help Seabird Species

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
Rhinoceros Auklet

Photo of Rhinoceros Auklet from

Right now, northern elephant seal mating season is in full swing at Ano Nuevo State Reserve, a wildlife hotspot about a one-hour drive south of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. The seals are the loudest, largest, and most obvious beneficiaries of that reserve’s protected status, but the island just offshore provides critical breeding habitat to a number of seabird species. (more…)

Advice for Would-Be Birders

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Juvenile red tail hawk drying its wings

Juvenile red tail hawk drying its wings

A resident red tail hawk often bathes in the creek near the main entry ramp, then sits on a nearby fence post to dry its wings.

Other fascinating birds move through Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and the surrounding area during the fall migration, so pack binoculars for your autumn visits.

While the reef is the obvious hot spot for sea life exploration, the reserve bluffs west of the airport and the marsh adjoining Pillar Point Harbor are good for birding. Click for a map.

This entry in the Nature Conservancy blog last week had some advice about fall birding.

Oystercatcher with Leg Bands at FMR

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Oystercatcher with colored ID bands on its legs.

Ranger Sarah reports:

There has been a banded black oystercatcher hanging out at FMR foraging with the other oystercatchers.
I was able to get a photo and the details on where and when the bird was banded:
This black oystercatcher was banded as a chick on Southeast Farallon
Island in 2009 by  PRBO researchers.