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The Harbor Seal Pups Are Here

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

The Harbor Seal Pups Are Here

tinsel_harbor_sealThe harbor seal pups are being born at the Reserve, and it’s up to visitors to help keep them safe.  If you see orange cones, avoid those areas since seals and pups may be hauled out there to get warm.  If you see a seal pup on its own, leave it alone. If you think a harbor seal is in distress, call the Rangers or the Marine Mammal Center at the phone numbers below.

The March, 2013 issue of FFMR’s newsletter, “Between the Tides” reports: During the spring at FMR Rangers and Naturalists keep an eye out for harbor seal pups. Some of the pups can arrive early in the year, but peak pupping season is late April to early May. By the end of January this year we already had 2 newborn harbor seals.

This is a vulnerable time for harbor seals who are nursing their young. Recently there have been reports of flushing (return of seals to the water due to disturbance) both at Nye’s Rocks and at the haulout area at Cypress Point. Too few orange cones (indicating areas to stay away from) have been put out and it is sometimes difficult for visitors to understand which areas are designated as restricted. And seals blend in so well with the rocky reefs and beaches that some visitors have not noticed they are approaching a seal until they are too close.

Please do your utmost to aid these creatures  who  faithfully honor  our  Reserve with their presence. We can all act as good stewards by helping to educate the public about safe distances from which to observe the seals in all sea- sons. By doing our part we can keep Fitzgerald a safe place where seals can thrive and use the protected coves as nurseries for their young.

Please report  any disturbance of harbor seals to Park Rangers. Above all, don’t attempt to rescue a seemingly abandoned pup. The mother may be out foraging for food. To report sick or abandoned pups please contact:

Park Rangers: 650-728-3594
Marine Mammal Center: 415-289-7350

National Marine Sanctuary Expansion

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Rhinoceros Auklet

Review the plan to expand our National Marine Sanctuaries – see

The expansion of our National Marine Sanctuaries will grant permanent protection from offshore drilling to one of California’s most iconic stretches of coastline! The deadline for submitting written comments is March 1, 2013.

Nudibranchs on Facebook

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Love nudibranchs? The tide pools at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve provide homes for many varieties of these lovely sea snails.  Four times a year at low tide, a group of volunteers does a nudibranch count at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and sends the survey results to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  They tally the number of each species found within a two hour period at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve or nearby Pillar Point.

The latest survey was on January 11, 2013,  during a minus tide of -1.4ft.

For more information, visit the FFMR Nudibranch Survey Facebook page: