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Whale Sightings Website

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The website records whale sightings, including sightings of our local gray whales.  Several areas of this website could be a  good resource for teachers and others who follow our local marine mammals.  The site has a useful focus on the seasonal transitions of migrating whales.

Whale Sightings Site:

Gray Whales:

Details on Half Moon Bay and Fitzgerald:

As an educational aid for teachers their resource sections are usually pretty extensive.

Agencies and Public Cooperate to Protect Resources in MPAs

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Some FFMR volunteers have recently been trained to monitor and report activity within the Montara State Marine Reserve of which FMR is a part. (See page 11 of our December 2011 newsletter for more about our local monitors.) They and other citizens all along the California coast have signed up to help protect the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that have been established over the past few years. Observing through binoculars, the monitors will track and report activities such as fishing, setting crab pots, and other illegal harvesting. (more…)

Climate Change Effects at FMR

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Sunset from Seal Cove Beach

Sunset from Seal Cove Beach

Retired FMR Supervising Ranger Bob Breen is one of the experts interviewed in a short news segment about climate change impacts in the bay area. Bob walks the beach at FMR as he talks with Doug McConnell about the changes he has already seen as the water warms and the sweeping changes he expects to witness as the trend continues.

View the video by clicking this link.

The segment first aired on December 9, 2011.