FMR in National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Magazine

FMR is mentioned in the June 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

The June 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine includes a mention of and photos taken at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in a nice article about life in the Pacific intertidal zone.

The online version includes a link to a time-lapse photo video of the tide coming in at FMR.

In the article, the writer’s tour guides of Bodega Head (part of Sonoma Coast State Park) pick up animals and boulders to examine them. Please note that at FMR we discourage our volunteer tour guides and visitors from handling animals, which can cause the animals stress or injury. We also ask that you not pick up or roll over large rocks; exposing small animals to air can harm them, and it’s easy to accidentally crush small lifeforms when you place the rocks back in the water!

You can read the National Geographic article online at

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