Harbor Seal Counts Have Begun

During pupping season, Ranger Sarah Lenz does periodic visual counts of the harbor seals resting in the reserve at or near low tide and submits the data to researchers.

For the survey, the length of the reserve is divided into four “zones”:

Section 1 runs from Pillar Point Harbor to Frenchman’s Reef

Section 2 runs from Frenchman’s Reef to Distillery Point

Section 3 runs from Distillery Point to the ramp at the main entrance

Section 4 runs from the main entrance to Weinke Way

Sarah’s survey counts the numbers of adult, immature, and living and dead baby harbor seals. It also takes into account the number of harbor seals showing shark bites — for the first survey of the 2011 season, done on March 14, there were two, both sighted in Section 3. She also notes if any harbor seals are being disturbed by human activities.

Her March 14 survey counted a total of 129 harbor seals along the length of the reserve, none of them pups.

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